Hot fashion bloggers to follow now

It feels like every second brings the launch of a new fashion blog somewhere on the planet, and this can cause all sorts of problems when it comes to deciding which ones to actually take notice of. You could spend all of your time trawling through drivel, but why should you? Instead, just spend a few moments reading this and you will have an invaluable insight into which current blogs are actually worth your time.

Sabina Socol

If you want an insight into Parisian chic, who better to ask than a Parisian-based fashion influencer, model and journalist? Romanian-born Sabina is an elegance aficionado with definite influences from the likes of Jane Birkin or a 1970s Brigitte Bardot. That’s not to say she’s outdated, however, as there is no shortage of modern twists on offer.

Modest Mira

Manchester in England has long been synonymous with cool, and Amira is an influencer and stylist who undoubtedly keeps the reputation going. Read more about Manchester’s cool credentials at It is Amira’s ability to show how style can meet modest dressing to create a delicious dish that really sets her apart from the crowd, however.

Slip Into Style

If you want answers to questions such as Where would you wear a maxi dress? or How can I smarten up jeans, Ellie is a Paris-based influencer who is never short of interesting ideas. She’s the queen of urban luxe and always knows how best to use pops of colour to bring out the best of distressed denim.

Frassy Audrey

Whether you love vintage maxi dresses or old-style denim, style influencer and photographer Audrey Leighton Rogers offers a delightfully complete package of old-school style.


This is the home of super chic as influencer and London-based model Monikh Dale has a super-hero knack for making even the most affordable high-street clothes look like they came straight from the rails of the most exclusive designer store. This is also the place to go if you want to make sure you are up-to-date on some of the best emerging brands around.

Freddie Harrel

This Parisian Brit is a big name on London’s ‘scene’, and she is delightfully honest in her approach. She is best known for her frank accounts of motherhood and celebration of big hair and natural-looking locks.

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