What Can Weight Training Do for You?

At some point in time, we’ve all had the thought: What if we just worked out until we became ripped? Everybody has to have dreamed of becoming a muscular version of themselves at one point or another, and why not? After all, we are inundated by insane bodies on a daily basis via pop-culture. From the superhero-themed films that come out every year, which show insane physical transformations, to the models that read us the news or perform on television, great bodies are everywhere. In order to even dream of becoming your best self, you have to start considering the concept of weight training and what it can do for you.

The Many Benefits of Weight Training

Unfortunately, the Super Soldier Serum doesn’t exist. So, if you want the Captain America body, you are going to have to work out as hard as Chris Evans did for the role (or harder). Are results like that even possible for the average person sitting on their couch at home? With a lot of hard work and discipline, sure, anything is possible. However, before you can begin the lifelong pursuit of an exceptional body, you must first understand why it would benefit you to do so beyond the obvious. Let’s break down the benefits of weight training beyond how good shirts & tops will look on your new body. Let’s talk about the tangible benefits that weightlifting can have.

First off, you must understand that in order to succeed in weight lifting you must succeed in developing your discipline. We’ve all struggled with staying true to our goals and our paths. Every January 1st, countless people around the world will decide that, “This is the year that I achieve my goals.” Unfortunately, most people don’t succeed. Why? They are confusing motivation with discipline. For example, Captain America motivates me to want to work out. My discipline is what keeps me going to the gym, even when I am tired. When you stick to your weight training schedule, your discipline as a skill begins to develop. Discipline is a very valuable thing.

Second, weight training does more than just transform the visible aspects of your body. Weight training actually transforms you from on the inside, too. As you lift weights, your brain becomes flooded with positive chemicals. These chemicals literally make you feel better and act happier. When you train your body via weight lifting you are literally becoming a better person as a result. This influx of positive chemicals will sit around with you for the rest of your day and people will begin to wonder why you have that extra bounce in your step.

Finally, weight training promotes a healthy body. As you exercise, you are stressing your system. Stressing your system ends up improving every facet of your body. From your lungs to your muscles, your body goes through an evolution due to your weight lifting. You’ll be more mobile, more fit, and you’ll breathe easier than ever before.

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