Why Japanese menswear could be the way forward

In the fashion world, Japanese designers stand head and shoulders above the rest, but they’ve not always been that accessible, and it’s only now that they are truly making waves in the industry.

For years, getting your hands on Japanese-designed and manufactured clothes was tricky, but this could well be a thing of the past. Japanese designers are making themselves accessible to the rest of the world and have rocked the ramps in Paris, Milan, London and New York.

Cross-cultural inspiration

Part of what makes Japanese fashion so attractive is the fact that it is so diverse. It draws inspiration from everywhere, is inspired by subcultures such as the harajuku or by the latest tech trends, and it also has a classic side that draws on strong cultural ties. The collective effect is one of modernity, and this appeals to everyone who is tired of the same trends and thruway fashion that has become the norm.

Subcultures have always influenced fashion, but there are an abundance of them in Japan, and cultural trends spring up quickly and can be used as inspiration in so many different ways.

An international focus

In the past, language barriers were an issue, but today’s designers want to create clothing that can be easily paired with mens Farah clothes or other items that are high in quality and readily available. To do this, they needed to be known internationally, and events like Tokyo Fashion Week have helped them do just that.

Independent boutiques have also made buying Japanese-designed clothes easier than ever, as has online shopping. Just like you can buy Farah online, you can now buy trendy Japanese designer wear with ease, too.

Riding the wave

Technically, Japanese menswear is not really a new phenomenon; we all know Issey Miyake’s pared-down simplistic style and Yamamoto’s groundbreaking plays on deconstruction. These designers are just two of those who have built their own legacy whilst paving the way for others to follow.

With inspiring new labels, a global reach and fresh directions all part and parcel of the Japanese fashion industry, it could well be that more and more menswear will be influenced by Japanese designers and that the exceptional quality, attention to detail and clever styling becomes a big part of every man’s wardrobe.

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