Tips & Tricks: packing for your summer getaway

Packing usually isn’t the most exciting thing about your summer getaway. In fact, it often causes a headache or two. We all know the curse of overpacking (my suitcase is too small!), and traveling light seems to be more of a vogue term than it is reality. Or isn’t it? Like with anything that you build up from scratch, you have to start with a solid foundation. A well packed suitcase begins with picking the right basics. Here’s what I always pack whenever I’m prepping for a summer getaway:

A loose fitted dress
As soon as the temperatures rise, I make sure to wear mostly loose fitted items, so that’s definitely what I’ll be packing, too. A breezy dress is perfect for almost any occasion, from heading to the beach to taking on a day full of activities.

Cotton tops
Make sure to pack items made from cotton (or other natural fabrics) to keep your body from getting overheated. A simple tee or a tank top is always in my suitcase.

A button down shirt
Preferably a bit oversized so it can be worn as a dress (used as a cover up over your bikini for example). I also like to wear them in the morning, as a summer version of the bathrobe.

A maxi dress
In the evenings, or for any slightly more formal occasion like dinner, I like wearing a maxi dress. Again, I’d opt for cotton or silk so that the fabric won’t stick to your legs.

Denim shorts
For a casual vibe, I make sure to bring a pair of denim shorts. They are super versatile and will definitely work with most other items that I’ll pack, like the button-down shirt or a tee.

A playsuit
Comfortable, versatile, breezy, looks great with my best false eyelashes and it works great as an alternative to a dress.

Flat sandals
I’ve tried bringing heels before, but they hardly ever came out of my suitcase. It’s too hot to wear them most of the time anyway, and next to that: my feet deserve a holiday every now and then as well 😉 So instead, I always bring some flat (leather) sandals. If I do decide to pack a pair of heels, I’d go with a pair with a relatively comfy heel, like block heels or a wedge.

Whenever you’re going to do something that involves a lot of walking, make sure to bring a good pair of shoes. For me a pair of sneakers always works.

A hat
Next to the fact that a straw fedora looks super stylish, a hat is key to protect yourself against overexposure to sunlight. An essential piece to me, and, next to sunglasses, about the only accessory I’ll be bringing.

P.S. Don’t forget your bikinis! 😉 What do you always bring to a sunny destination, wardrobe wise?

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