5 tips for the diamond ring

Well as an engagement ring, wedding, or just as a special gift, the truth is that diamond rings are one of the best options to show the love you feel for your partner. Although it must be borne in mind that this choice must be considered. Since you have to assess different aspects in order to make a purchase that suits your needs and your pocket. Therefore, in this article we are going to present the 5 fundamental aspects to take into account when choosing Diamond nose ring designs.

The first aspect is related to the color of the diamond. Obviously it is the rarest colors that are usually more valuable and therefore higher priced. In the case of diamonds, the less frequent ones are the colorless white ones, although there are also blacks, reds or greens. To catalog them, the jewelers use an alphabetical scale in which the colorless diamonds receive the category D, while the ones of less quality receive grades between the E and the Z.

Next, we find clarity as a differentiating element of different diamonds. Perhaps it is the most superficial aspect, because the so-called “traces of nature” that sprinkle like small imperfections the clarity of a diamond, are only visible using a jeweler’s magnifying glass.

A key aspect to consider is the carat. It is the unit of weight in which diamonds are measured. The most common are usually one carat, which would be equivalent to a weight of 200 milligrams. Obviously, the higher the number of carats, the price of the diamond ring will increase. A diamond of one or two carats is more than enough.

The only aspect in which the hand of man influences is in the cut of the diamond. It is a fundamental phase because if the cut is made incorrectly it can affect the quality of the brightness. If the jeweler makes a superficial or too deep cut, the diamond will lose all its quality when it becomes opaque and does not reflect the light on all its faces.

Finally a tip. It must be borne in mind that the purchase of a diamond ring is a significant outlay. So in addition to taking into account the four aspects related to the quality of the piece, it is recommended that it be purchased between the months of June and September when its price is usually lower.

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