We love the excitement and joyful anticipation associated with online shopping. Especially when it comes to a small, luxurious package with new jewelry.

For those who are already buying fashion, shoes and accessories from their favorite designers’ online, diamond jewelry or gold creations are a special treat that ends up in a virtual shopping cart. But what about those customers who want to buy real jewelry online for the first time? We’ve got expert tips to help you not only pick the perfect piece of jewelry, but also show ways to shop design of gold bangles online at the finest jewelers.

Get to know your jeweler

If you find a beautiful piece of jewelry online but do not know the history of the company or the brand, do not hesitate and research it. High end jewelers always tell their story in an “About us” section on their website and provide detailed and often inspiring insights into their references, design and quality of their products. You may also find independent reviews online from other customers who have already purchased jewelry there. If you are still unsure, take a look at the contact details. Good jewelers like to see you calling them and will be happy to inform you in detail about their collections and the quality of the jewelry.

The noblest ingredients

Before you click on “Add to Cart”, you should ask yourself the question: Do I know everything about the jewelry of my choice? Simply put, does the website provide enough information about the precious metals and gems that are used? Take time to read the product presentation and design information carefully. Five minutes will be enough to give you a good understanding of the quality of the precious stones, diamonds and valuable metals that have been processed for the jewel. And you may even get a glimpse into the source of the stones and metals – where they came from and where they were mined.

Pay attention to the hallmarks / punches

Hallmarks are the tiny letters, symbols or numbers that are usually engraved on the inside of rings or on the back of pieces of jewelery. In their simplest form, these signs provide information about the metals your jewelery is made of; whether it is made of silver, palladium, gold or platinum. Hallmarks are awarded by an independent testing center, the Hallmarking Office, which tests the piece of jewelery before marking to determine what material it is made of.

Wear and care

Once you know more about the piece of jewelry you want to buy online, think about the design and gems that are used. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are durable and ideal for being worn every day in the form of rings, pendants and earrings. Be a little more cautious about pearls, opals, emeralds and tanzanites. They are beautiful and stunning in their variety, however, these gems can be very delicate and should therefore be worn with care.
Do you want to buy new pearls? Make sure you buy a lint-free cloth (costs only a few euros) and gently clean the beads after each use to keep the surface shiny.

Jewelry estimates and check-ups

Once your beautiful piece of jewelry arrives, you want to wear it safely, instantly. However, go to the safe side and ask for an evaluation for your insurance; either at the online jeweler you’ve bought or you’re taking your jewelry to your local esteem that you trust. The estimate should be about 10-15% more than the amount you paid for the piece of jewelry to allow for price fluctuations. It should be done by a goldsmith or an independent registered valuer who has an understanding of the design, metals and gems in their jewelry. Once the jewelry is insured, you can wear the jewelry to your heart’s content.
Finally, talk to your online jeweler about annual “check-ups” for your jewelry, especially for pieces that you wear every day. Their precious jewelry should be checked and cleaned, diamonds and hard-wearing gems are looking forward to a thorough cleaning to bring back their outstanding sparkle. A trusted jeweler will gladly accept, repair or clean the pieces for a “check-up” or recommend a local jeweler near you.


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