Dry Tattoo is Getting Popularity to Get Rid of Ugly Scars and Stretch Marks

Many cosmetic surgeons refer their patients to the specialists of dry tattoo to get treatment for scar removal. Also known as dry needling, needle abrasion, and cosmetic dry needling, dry tattooing is a non-surgical procedure that helps rejuvenate your entire face by your body’s cells to regenerate and minimalize scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

What Dry Tattoo Does?

Dry tattooing for stretch marks is more popular in many Asian countries than in the USA. Most aesthetic surgeons do not perform the procedure but rely on a third party for it. Dry needling relaxes constricted scars, plumps up wrinkles, and re-pigments stretch marks to suitably match to the rest of the skin tone.

A correctly performed procedure will fatten tissues and lighten small wrinkles around your lips. Dry tattooing can also help balance your energy pathways to improve and maintain health. The results are long-lasting and usually affordable for most patients.

The Procedure 

The dry needling practitioner applies a topical anesthetic gel to the treatment areas before and during the procedure. They insert a sterile needle 1-2mm into the skin creating a shallow puncture wound.

The practitioner then guides the needle to make more than one insertion inside the borders of scar, wrinkle, or stretch marks. They make sure the bleeding is pinpointed minimally and stopped quickly. As the body heals, it kicks in with its collagen products.

Choose the Right Practioner

Whether you are looking to get dry tattooing for your scars, wrinkles, or stretch marks, make sure you choose the best practitioner. They must be able to identify whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure.

The good news is that dry tattooing is a more effective procedure to improve scars or marks than no treatment. In many cases, the procedure works almost quickly with improved mobility and reduced pain though it may need a few treatment sessions to get long-lasting positive effects.


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