Rasayana Chikitsa – The Ayurveda Magic of Rejuvenation Therapy

Rasayana Chikitsa has been an interesting department of Ayurveda for fairly a few years now. All via my expertise in my Ayurvedic clinic in Chennai, I’ve obtained so many excited inquiries about this magic therapy. However what’s Rasayana Chikitsa? Primarily, this time period means rejuvenation therapy, and plenty of articles have hailed this therapy as beating getting old, gifting youthful look, and curing all illnesses. With a lot of mystique aura round Rasayana Chikitsa, let’s discover out what this time period actually means, we could? “Rasa” and “Yana”

“Rasa” has many definitions – various from essence and emotion to the flavour or the important fluid of the human physique. “Yana” refers back to the supply, route, or path. So, basically Rasayana basically means the supply of the core essence of the human physique. What does this therapy do? The rejuvenation therapy boosts your physique’s immunity and therefore enhances your psychological and bodily well being. The plain result’s delayed getting old and an general sense of wellbeing. This therapy additionally eliminates the Ama or toxins out of your physique, enhancing its capability to soak up vitamin. Therefore each cell of your physique receives the very best consideration. What are the precise benefits of the rejuvenation therapy? Delivering all the weather of youthful look, psychological power, and bodily health by way of seems to be, voice, bodily power, improved reminiscence energy, and a wholesome glow of the pores and skin Therapy of frequent well being situations akin to allergic reactions, epilepsy, respiratory problems, pores and skin problems, and rheumatoid arthritis. It additionally helps construct resistance towards situations akin to irritable bowel syndrome and cardiac problems. This therapy is helpful throughout all ages and helps in strengthening the physique’s immunity, with none unwanted side effects Rasayana Chikitsas additionally declare to cut back the consequences of psychological stress and nervousness Forms of rejuvenation remedies

There are lots of varieties and forms of rejuvenation remedies. In fact, the best choice is to rework your total way of life to facilitate your physique to remain contemporary. For the others who can’t afford to comply with the strict necessities of a regimented way of life, rejuvenation remedies embody a number of classes of remedies with natural oil massages and steam baths, in addition to a person-specific food plan regiment and natural medicines. There’s positively yogasana and respiratory workout routines that it is best to undertake each day, along with coaching in meditation, which helps your thoughts focus clearly. Some examples of common rasayanas embody Vitality-improving rasayanas – these embody natural formulations and diets that pamper the pores and skin, physique, and thoughts. Chyavanaprash is a well-liked on a regular basis instance. Different rasayanas battle illnesses and failing well being situations; for instance, pippali rasayana for bronchitis and different situations of the respiratory tract Netra tarpan – it is a process that improves the imaginative and prescient and it entails pouring medicated ghee over the eyelids. Natural oil therapeutic massage by making use of strain on the important, marma factors of the physique, which results in the therapeutic of the physique, detoxing, and full leisure. The physique’s immunity can be discovered to improves. Ayurvedic steam bathtub is efficient in eradicating the Ama from the physique within the type of sweat. Herbs akin to brahma rasayana are proven to enhance the reminiscence energy and logical considering, enhancing focus and eliminating fatigue There are lots of extra rejuvenating remedies which you could endure however all the time watch out to decide on solely trusted Ayurveda clinics and Ayurveda docs that can assist you with the proper type of therapy (e.g., food plan, natural formulations, oil massages, different bodily therapies, and yogasana and meditation). Nobody can battle loss of life, however staying match, robust, illness free, and wholesome is certainly in our palms. Rasayana Chikitsa is certainly a sensible method to guaranteeing a youthful thoughts, physique, and soul.

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